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3 Days / 2 Nights Yagon Stopover, sight seeing i Yangon including Shwedagon Pagoda 114.- USD

5 Days / 4 Nights visit Yangon - Bagan and plain of pagodas and Mount Popa 453.- USD


6 Days / 5 Nights this perfect package to Myanmar visit all most of the main tourist attractions 660.- USD


7 Days / 6 nights completely to visit the golden land of Myanmar 704.- USD


7 Days / 6 nights package to explore nature and culture with cruise along Irawadee River.
592.- USD


5 Days / 4 nights package to the main city of Myanmar 624.- USD


Pindaya Caves StairwayMyanmar The largest of the GMS countries, Myanmar with it great history and myraid sites on interest, has the protemtial for strong tourism development.

Myanmar is probably the last undiscovered country in Southeast Asia. With a population of around 48 million peoples and a landsize bigger than France, and a great deal of cultural diversity, it is still very underdeveloped and there is quiet a lot of poverty in the country.

With its harsh political system, Burma was closed to the outside world for a long time, and even now many people don't want to travel to Burma because the don’t agree with the current regime and don't want to support the regime by spending their money their. However tourism helps many local people, for example guide, driver or hotel staff or small shop owners. These people would have to struggle a lot more if there were no tourists. And we think it is good for these Burmese people to see for themselves what people from the western world are really like.

Popular places for visitors are the capital Yangon with its spectacular Scwedagon Pagoda, over 2500 year's old; Mandalay, the country's centre of Buddhism and culture; Bagan, the cradle Myanmar civilisation with its plain of pagodas reminiscent of the great complex at Angkor


Shwedagon PagodaYANGON CITY
The City of Yangon was once the cleanest city in Asia, some even exaggerated as the Queen of the Cities. Singapore, in fact, was designed after studying how Yangon was built. Yangon is the gateway to Myanmar. Ever green and cool with lush tropical trees, shady parks and lakes. More >>

Mandalay CityMANDALAY
Mandalay is the historical old capital, a capital of Myanmar culture, Buddhist Sasana and Myanmar traditional arts and crafts, with the life span of one hundred and forty two years, a city which abounds in historical sites, cultural memorials and Buddhist edifices and Myanmar's second largest city. More >>
Plain of Pagodas, Old BaganPAGAN (BAGAN)
The main tourist destination in Myanmar is Bagan, capital of the first Myanmar Empire; one of the richest archaeological sites in South-east Asia. The 42 sq km area of Bagan contains over 2000 edifices, the well-preserved pagodas and temples representing the rich cultural heritage of the 11th - 13th century. More>>
Golden Rock Kyaikhtiyo PagodaKYAIKHTIYO
The Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is one of the most ancient and celebrated of all pagodas in Myanmar. It is situated in the vicinity of Kyaikhto township, Thaton district. The pagoda is said to have been built during the life-time of the Buddha over 2400 years ago. More >>
A new tourist site, which is becoming increasingly more popular in recent years, is the old capital of Rakhine (Arakan) called Mrauk U. Some of the local people refer to it as Myo Haung, the old city.
More >>
The Capital of Mon State scramble with old and new houses, viewing with beautiful scene the hill top is the last destination of Myanmar Railway. It is located on the bank of Thanlwin (Salween) River 270 Km south east of Yangon. Taking ferry boat for an hour from Moattama will be pleasant voyage for visitors. A hilly ridge above the city offers panoramic views over the harbor and the beautiful countryside. The ridge is topped with monasteries and shrines. Walk along Strand Road for a glimpse of the impressive Kaladan Mosque, built during the colonial era where the old Indians settle to work for the British in Mawlamyine (formally called Moulmein). It was the capital of British Burma, after the first Anglo-Burmese War 1824 AD.
Un-touched beach line up with coconut trees is a short drive from Kyaikkhami. Snorkeling and breathing fresh air, lying down on the silvery sand watching the life of the fisherman along the sea coach.
Nga Pali Beach named after Naples of Italy is unique, unspoiled silvery beach with the coast of 25 miles along with long line up Palm trees. In 18th century, an Italian Municipal Engineer visited there, and after his return the unspoiled virgin beach was known as Ngapali from that time onwards. One can say that the Ngapali is the most beautiful beach in Myanmar. It takes 16 hours by road from Yangon through Pyay-Oaakshipin-Taunggut or Gwa-Ngatahingchaung across delta area. Or take a flight for an hour and twenty minutes from Yangon.It is a kind of Paradise of which one will never forget their vacation. The early morning visit to nearby fishermen's village "Loan-tha" about 5 km from Ngapali, to watch the return of fish-boats and to study the un-loading the fishes, and learn the purchasing of fishes. Sometimes watch the processing of dried-fish making on the spot.Otherwise, rent a boat to nearby island to catch the fishes. The self-made roasted fish will give you a good taste like nectar.
Rakhing State's third pleasant beach resort " Kann-tha-ya" was unveiled on 24th March, 1995 in commemoration of the 50th Golden Jubilee Myanmar Armed Forces Day. It is situated in "Gwa" township only 82 miles from "Ngapali" beach. Yangon to Gwa is about 174 miles by Motor road and the route from Gwa to Kann-tha-ya beach is 17 miles by road. The out-standing features of 'Kann-tha-ya' beach are the blue sea, a very long stretch of silvery sands, a dark green line of coconut palm groves along the wide coast almost level beach about 8000 yards long and massive rock slabs and boulders.People with a penchant for fishing may go out angling in the sea reefs and rocks providing a natural fence for the beach in safety. Life-guards have been posted along the beach.
Ngwe Saung Beach Myanmar’s latest beach resort having the longest shore - 9 miles. It is located 29 miles from Pathein Capital of Ayeyarwaddy Devision. One can suddenly enjoy upon the open crescent beach a breath taking vista a blue sea rolling waves and white sand. This long beach lies between the Bay of Bengal with its unforgettable views at sunset and the Rakkhine Mountain Range with the evergreen rain forest on its slopes.
Updated : January 28, 2013