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Dear Travellers,

Thank you very much for suggestions and comments. Your feedback and comments are essential for us to continue to improve and provides the best quality services.

If you would like to contact each person who have experiences in our services, and sent us suggestion, please click at to contact by email.

Azure Travel Team


Dear Jiro,

Many thanks for organising my Myanmar trip, it went very well and my guide in Yangon was excellent.

The beach hotel was lovely and it was a very relaxing break.

I may be going back back to Myanmar next year with my family, so I will be in touch when I start making some plans. I hope that the prices will not have risen too much by then.

Thanks again,
Iain Nicholson
Feb 25, 2013,
Iain Nicholson

Feb 26, 2013

My husband, daughter, son-in-law, and I just returned about 2 weeks ago and this trip was the most wonderful trip ever.  We utilized Azure Travel to visit Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.  In Thailand, we visited Bangkok, Ayuthaya, Chaing Mai, Chaing Rai, and Phuket.  I am not a great beach lover so if not for my daughter, would have skipped Phuket and having been there, would skip it again.  Chaing Mai is WONDERFUL and I highly recommend some time here.  I think we all agreed that Laos was a fabulous stop....we were in Luan Prabang and if you haven't considered it, you might want to take a look.  We also went to Siem Reap in Cambodia and loved, loved, loved it.
At each location, we were met by a guide and although each one was very different, each one captured our hearts while we were there.  The guides took care of every need and were sensitive to our needs and/or preferences.  If I were to return for additional tours to the same locations, I would be disappointed if any of our new friends were not available to show us more of their perspective areas.  The drivers were expert and took great care in keeping us stocked with cold water and WONDERFUL cool washcloths!  We never were kept waiting or felt like we were taking a risk in riding in the vehicles provided....they were all very nice and very clean.
The hotels and restaraunts selected by Azure Travel were also very nice.  I would stay at each one again, except perhaps the one in Phuket but as I indicated earlier, I am prejudiced by not being excited about visiting the beach.
It was very, very scary to send off a bank transfer not knowing if Azure Travel was legitimate having found them on the internet.  I can assure you, they are very dependable.  You might find others as good as Azure Travel but I don't think you would find any better.  That is one reason that I offered to share our experience with that anyone hesitant to send off the funds might be put at ease.  It was the easiest and most economical way to pay since we avoided the credit card or paypal fees.
I wish you the best in your search and please know that you cannot go wrong with Azure Travel.  Vietnam will be a couple of years off for us as we will now need to start saving but I know exactly my first step when the time comes and that will be to contact Nan Nee.

Best regards,

Annette Fothergill
May 26, 2011

Annette Fothergill

Feb 15, 2013


Dear Nan Nee,

This is just a message to thank you for all your valuable support during my visit to Thailand and Cambodia. The trip was great and I enjoy it a lot, nevertheless the particular circumstances in Bangkok. The hotels in Bangkok, Siem Riep and Chiang Mai were of good quality as well the tourist services in Siem Riep and Chiang Mai. So, I just have words of appreciation to you and your company. THANKS A LOT.
I do hope that the political situation in your country will find a solution soon, in order to achieve peace in beautiful Thailand. I pray to God for your country and specially for the wellbeing of your warm people.
Once again. THANKS A LOT.
Best regards.
Sergio Gomar R.

Sergio Gomar R.

Mexico (Jun 22, 2010)


Dear Nan Nee,

Home for about two months and resettled again we are having nice memories with all the foto's we made during the very nice trip you organised for us. Everything in very good order, guides, cars, hotels, flights all according to schedule and punctual. We still dream of the Mekong boatride in Laos and the Halong bay trip. Great!!!

We really got very impressed with Asia and it will certainly not be our last time there.  We hope to come back to you ounce. The way you and your foreign organizers treated us was really in accordance with the four star level we reserved. Exept from the details I all ready mentioned to you I have some final remarks on the Myanmar part.The  guides and all other people are great and so is the scenery.

The visited attractions are unique, especially Inle lake. Really exciting.For future visitors I advise though not to drive as much as we did, that is really horrible. The cars and roads are below acceptable level. The trip from Madalay to Inle lake is far and far to long for a car, even if it is a good one. For comfort I after all would advise really to take the plane. You gave us what we asked for, but next time you should strongly dis advise  people to drive such long distances before the infrastructure in Myanmar is improved a lot.

Thanks again Nan Nee for your perfect tour we experienced and we hope that you,  Jiro and Azure Travel are doing well and we wish you all the best for the future. You deserve it and hopefully the present political situation will not spoil it for to long a time.

Good luck and warmest regards.

Maya and Albert van der Mark.

Maya and Albert van der Mark

Netherland (Apr, 09, 2010)


Hello, Nan and Jiro,

I just want to thank you for the good service you provided us. Connie and Maria also had a very good time with your packaged tours. I am emailing you because I referred Nan and your services to Dr. Leon and Loida Espiritu of Florida. They are planning to travel to Cambodia too and use your services. There are 7 of them of they will be emailing you of their plans and requests. Please make sure they have Sutty as their guide and Allson as their hotel. You might have 2 weeks or less to get their plans together which may include air from MLA. Nan, I enjoyed having dinner with you at MK. Please tell Loida Espiritu where it is again. 

Take care and best regards
Marina Pezzi
Marina Pezzi

USA (30 Mar 2010)


Dear Nannee,

I hope everything is alright with you in Thailand. I would like to THANK YOU because you did our holiday in Thailand FANTASTIC !!!!

Everything was GREAT and I will recommend our friend in Sweden if they are going to Thailand they will contact you. Now we are home again and it´s cold and snow outside. I would like to go to Thailand AGAIN !!

Best regards and I hope to see you soon.


Gunilla Lundgren

Gunilla Lundgren

Sweden [ 08Mar 2010]


Dear Jiro,

Thank you for the wonderful experience you coordinated for us in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.  We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation and all the sights we saw.  It was very interesting to learn something about the culture and history of each country; the similarities and differences in such close geographic proximity to each other.

We enjoyed all our guides and for the most part we could understand them very well.  Exceptional would be Kim from Thailand, So Thai from Cambodia and Thuy from Saigon.  All the guides had very good personalities, worked very hard at showing us everything and handled all the transfers and time scheduling perfectly.

Thank you for getting the Vietnam itinerary adjusted.  It would not have been a good thing to arrive at 5 PM in Hoi An - we would not have seen anything that day.  Also, moving the free day to Saigon was perfect especially in light of the Tet holiday - by noon on Feb 13 (we left for Singapore) I'm sure everything would have been closed.  On Feb 12 which was our free day we could walk around and see the beautiful flower display which had been set up in the streets for Tet (along with everyone in Ho Chi Minh City)!  This in itself was a very interesting cultural experience which we will never see again - timing is everything! 

2 things that I wish we would have worked into the itinerary - more time in Thailand to see Chaing Mai, Chaing Rai and Sukhothai and 1 more day in Central Vietnam to see My Son.  Unfortunately vacations don't have unlimited time so maybe another time........ 

Thanks again for a wonderful holiday.  I will send anyone who asks me about Indochina tours to you.

Patti Iredale

Patti Iredale

Canada [2 Mar 2010]


Hi Nan Nee,

I would like to thank you for arranging a wonderful time in Siem Reap.  The tour was great and so was the hotel.  Our guide was fantastic.  He told us that it was the first time he worked with the local agent.  I recommend that they keep him as he was very nice and very knowledgeable. If someone ever asks me to recommend a tour to Cambodia from Thailand I will make sure to refer Azure Tours.

Thank you again,

Nathalie Faubert

USA [1 Mar 2010]


Hi Nan Nee,

I just want you to know that I am recommending you and your company to a dentist who works in our department at the university of BC. He is traveling to Thailand this coming week , will be in Chiang Mai and wants to experience the north of your beautiful country. I cannot think of any better company than yours. We were very happy with all the arrangement you made for us and our guide, Pong, was fabulous. She was very knowledgeable, helpful and well organized. Also our driver was so nice and offered help everywhere it was needed, a genuinely nice man.

I would appreciate it if you could arrange a great package for Dr. MacEntee and his wife when he contacts you.

Thanks again for everything

Linde Togel

Linde Togel

CANADA [Feb 08, 2010]


Hi Nan Nee,

We leave for our cruise tomorrow but wanted tell you what a great trip we had.
Everything went really well. The local guides were very helpful & showed us allot about their area. We particularly enjoyed Myanmar.

Thank you for all your work on our behalf, we will tell our friends how wonderful Azure tours are.

Take care,
Leanne & Roy Rinne

Leanne & Roy Rinne

CANADA [Jan 18, 2010]

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