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Dear Travellers,

Thank you very much for suggestions and comments. Your feedback and comments are essential for us to continue to improve and provides the best quality services.

If you would like to contact each person who have experiences in our services, and sent us suggestion, please click at to contact by email.

Azure Travel Team


Overall we did love an enjoy our trip and we greatly appreciate your services and planning. Thank you very much. Expect more Lithuonions to Visit Thailand !

Virgilijus & Giedre Mirkes

Virgilijus & Giedre Mirkes
Lithuania [Sep 25 , 2006]


Dear Jiro,

Chaiya was amazing and we had a fantastic time hearing the culture + history of the Thai people. As it was our first trip to Thailand we were impressed with our surroundings and the friendliness of the people. Mr. Jiro was overwhelmingly helpful in assisting in a booking suddenly for our flight to Vietnam and solved the problem while allowing us to relax during a Thai massage. It was truly a trip of lifetime.

Vietnam + Cambodia:
All drivers and guides were remarkably knowledgably in their respective area. Fu ( Saigon ) was a little less informative about the temples and area but was extremely friendly and helped out for dinner and other activities.

Lim + Thang went out of their way to make us comfortable and went at our pace. They have a fantastic knowledge of English and were great, both in the temple + area knowledge, as well as “modern” customs + practice of the Vietnamese + Cambodian people. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip with both of them.

Jim & Jill Vint
Sep 04, 2006

Jim & Jill Vint
USA [Sep 04 , 2006]


Dear Jiro,

I confirm that I written in my mail of 27/08/2006. In any case I give you the specific for your services.

Azure Travel: very good organization and helpfullness in fulfilling all our requests. Quick answers to our requests.
Helpfullness and quickness in organizing the first 2 days in Bangkok which were uncovered. Very nice trip to Ratchaburi  but I'll not suggest  the excurtion by boat  during that period, crowded of tourist and too short and very expensive.

Car and driver : very capable in driving  and prepared to answear to all our questions. Very nice, polite and helpful persons, in particulary your brother in law in Bangkok.

Silom Serene Bangkok:  reception, service, cleanness, helpfullness: excellent
Princess Angkor Siem Reap: reception, service, cleaness, helpfullness: excellent 
Summit Park View Yangon:  reception, service, cleaness, helpfullness: excellent 
Thiripysaya Sakura Bagan:  I think that if impossible to ask more they gave us everything.
Mandalay City Mandalay:  excellent, it was like at home
All hotels gave us an excellent breakfast in quality, quantity and choice. Your agency "KST" in Yangon:   fulfilled all our expectation whether in the pick up or delivery in the airport, including the difficult transfert from Bagan to Mandalay, with and excellent car and driver. 

We will suggest  Azure Travel  also to our friends who want to visit that countries.

Gianni Montonati
via Boccaccio, 2
20090 Cesano Boscone/MI

Best regards by Cesare Castelli

Gianni Montonati
Italian [Aug 31, 2006]

Dear Jiro,
I would like to thank you and Mr Kim for the good services provided during this brief but nice visit to Cambodia. Everything went OK, including the internet access, tht took me little time to fix-up upon arrival, I'm never really in vacation, so this was something very important for me.
Thanks again, and best Regards,
François Pelat
Dr. Francios Pelat
France [Aug 21, 2006]


We were really pleased with the services provided by you and the overall trip was very splendid. Moreover, all the guides were very polite to us giving comfortness to us.

Regarding delay from Bangkok to Yangon, the delay was not in your hand but the air ticket made was restricted, which should be so. In case, of delay we could have opted for another air line ( A suggestion to avoid this in future).

However, we in overall we are very happy with your services. Furthermore, we are planning to visit near by countries within 3 months and we will contact you.

Dbaian Al-Dbaian
Dbaian Al-Dbaian
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia [Mar 08, 2006]


Dear Jiro

I just wanted to say thank you from Paul and I for our recent Thailand/Laos trip.  We thoroughly enjoyed and thank you for your help in sorting out the few problems we had. The hotels were all good and the mekong river cruise was great.

Thanks again.
Juliette and Paul

Juliette & Paul
United Kingdom
UK [Mar 07, 2006]


Dear Mr Thongchai,

Thank You and Your collegues for the excellent trip in the beautifull Thailand !!!

We have appreciated everything, the destinations, the hotels, the guide and all transfers were very very well organised.
The islands we have visited were really like paradise, especially Ko Lipe !!! We have met a lot of nice local people in Ko Phi Phi and in Ko Lipe.
We would like to thank especially Your representative in Krabi, who helped us to be in time in Ko Lipe (we were missing our ferry) and also Your guide in Bankok for his excellent knowledge of Thailand history and his kindness (I'm sending a photo from our trip to Ayuttaya).


We have already recommended Your agency to our friends planning their trips to Thailand and other countries. Thank You very much and I think we will be back next Year in Your region (we are already thinking about visiting Vietnam)...

The best regards !
Ruta Paulauskiene
Lithuania [Mar 02, 2006 ]



Thank you for your email.  Everything went very well.  Our guides all met us at the airport and were most curteous and well as the drivers.  We thourghly enjoyed the tour.  Our guide in Phnom Phen had our flight tickets for
us. Our stay there was short.  Perhaps another day would have been desirable. It was wonderful having just 2 in our tour.  I would recommend it to anyone.

Only one comment.  The hotel in Hanoi....Green Park....was okay but not up to the standards of the other hotels. I would not recommend it. The hotel in Halong Bay was wonderful and the best one was the hotel in Sien Reap.  Everyone at all the hotels were very gracious and helpful.

Thank you for arranging it for us.
Gail & Ed Sanderson
Feb 28, 2006

Gail & Ed Sanderson
CANADA [Feb 28, 2006]


Dear Thong,

First of all, I want to say thank you, for the beautiful trip, you prepared for us to Camdobia. It was awesome. also the guides, Mrs. Ling and Mr. Pinsay were excellent and I can only recommend them to your other

Zdenka Zonova,
Feb 28, 2006

Zdenka Zonova,
[Feb 28, 2006]


Dear Mr. Jiro;

I want to thank you for your expert services as a travel agent on my recent trip to Southeast Asia . Everything went as you had outlined it in the itinerary that you prepared. The hotel accommodations were first rate. The tour guides that you hired were knowledgeable and could converse fluently in English.

Both Charlie Birdsall and I found your services to be top drawer. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting to visit your area of the world. We will certainly use your services on any additional trips we make to your area.


I’ll be sending you the pictures of our tour by e-mail.

Yours truly,

Richard b. Worsham

Chuck Birdsall & Richard Worsham
USA [Feb 21, 2006]



I am finally back home. I want to thank you for the best trip I have ever been on. It truly was fantastic. Your area of the world is a wonderful place. I want to say just how great the trip was. Everything was as advertised and better. Everything ran smoothly our pick ups were punctual and all of our guides had extensive knowledge of the area we visited. The hotels were top rate.

We both had a wonderful time and if you need a reference please do not hesitate to use my name.

I will give your name to anyone I know of who is travelling to Southeast Asia. When I return I will definitely contact you.
Thanks again,
Chuck Birdsall
Chcuk Birdsall & Richard Worsham
USA [Feb 03, 2006]


Dear Jiro...

Sorry for this late response.... since my comeback I have been very bussy....I´m paying with gold the whole month I was out of my company.. But it deserved..... jajajaj.....

Thank you very much for all the arrangements you made for our journey... We really enjoyed the best our stay in your beautiful and exciting country.

About Hotels:  
In Bangkok - good
In Chiang Mai - good
In Chiang Rai  - Excelent, very beautiful
In Phuket - not bad at all...but not good... we expected something similar to other hotels in Bangkok or  Chiamg Mai.......
About Guides:
Martín (Bkk) very kind, friendly,  very nice but infortunately  his spanish language was not good... Sometimes I regreted for not having an english guide, because I think i lost so much information about the sites we were visiting due the problems in language....I requested a spanish one because one of my friends did not speak english... so the rest of us sacrificed the information for just one... But Martin tried so hard to do it well, and it counts.....he really wanted to do his best..... We appreciated that...
Pom (the girl in Chiang mai - Chiang Rai) she was amazing... very kind... her spanish was good.. we really enjoyed the trip with her, even there were not many sites and temples as in Bangkok, so probably Martin had much things to say than her...  She was very nice....
All the things were very good... I´n really happy for having found you.... Thanks to god for that.....The services, all the plans.... the sites... the drivers...the domestic flights...everything....  
I´m planning to encourage some friends to go to Thailand... and Africa.. so be sure I will contact you to have bussiness with you.....  Thank you very much for all.... That trip is one of the best I have ever had in my life....... We´ll be in touch....
Mauricio Cardona Franco
Spain [Thursday Feb, 02, 2006]

Dear Jiro,

We arrived home just a few days before Christmas which kept us quite busy through the holidays.  We would be happy to give you some feedback on our trip.  We were very pleased with the way everything went.  We enjoyed every country and all the wonderful people we met.  Everywhere we went the people were very nice and very helpful.  Looking back on it, we probably tried to do too much in a short period of time.  However, we enjoyed every minute of it and are very happy with the itinerary you arranged.  If ever you need a recommendation for your services to other customers we would be happy to do that for you.
At first we were concerned with so many early morning flights but soon realized we could not have seen all the wonderful things we saw if we had arrived later in the day. To your credit you really arranged the schedule to maximize our time.  We enjoyed seeing all the temples, but equally as much we enjoyed the small villages,the people and markets. We were impressed with the efficiency of the various airlines, Bangkok Air, Vietnam Air and Yangon Air.  They were always on time and the staff were very professional.
We would like to mention a couple of outstanding guides and hope that you will give feedback to their employers.  The first one is Sohn Phethmany in Luang Prabang, Laos.  He was exceptional in every way.  He went above the call of duty to see that we had a great experience. He was very knowledgeable about local history and culture. His English was excellent.  I believe his manager at Sakuna Travel is Mr. Anoulath if you could please let him know what a wonderful job Sohn did.  I hope he appreciates the efforts Sohn makes for his customers.
We felt fortunate in Bagan to have Hla Tun Oo for a guide.  His many years in the hotel and tourist industry are a real asset for the tourists. He was very polished and professional in all of his services.  He was friendly, knowledgeable and flexible.  His English was excellent. When we were "templed out"  he was very innovative and found alternate places of interest for us to visit.  We would recommend him highly.
When we decided to go to Myanmar it was with some trepidation, however the guide in Yangon was outstanding and immediately put our concerns at rest.  He was so friendly and willing to adjust the schedule to things that he thought we would find interesting.  We were quite surprised at how good his English was. He was the first and last person we spent time with in Myanmar and we left with many happy memories especially due to his friendliness.  I hope you can be sure and pass this on to his employer at KST travel. He made our trip fun.
All three of these guides are an asset to their employers, but especially they are an asset to their governments and their countries.  They were true ambassadors of good will for the rest of the world (like us) to see.
We would be happy to respond to any of the employers if they would like.  We would also like them to know what a wonderful job you did to set this up for us.  All the many emails you and I had before we arrived in Bangkok made us feel like you were an old friend. You went to a great deal of work and effort to put this together for us and it is very much appreciated.  We will recommend you to our friends.
We would like to also comment on the two hotels we stayed at in Bangkok in the Pratunam area.  The Grand Diamond and the Centerpoint Petchburi.  They were both excellent, and I would recommend them to your customers.
Thanks again for all of you help and let us know if we can help you.  I hope the New Year is good to you.
Roger and Barbara Oos
Roger and Barbara Oos
USA [Tuesday, Jan 03, 2006]

Hi, Jiro

We are back in Spain, after a wonderful trip in your country and neighbouring ones.

The organization has been almost perfect, and we are very satisfied with the trip. We have no problems with the flights, just a minor delay in one out of 6. All the hotels were great and the rooms very big. Finally, we want to express specifically our satisfaction with all the drivers, that complied with our requirements (sometimes, quite exigent) in a
satisfactory way. In special, the driver around Da Nang is like a hero to us; driving in Vietnam seems quite a risky business.

Only (minor) flaw was the short time of the cruise in Halong Bay; we should have gone for an 8 hour cruise, or even try to sleep the night in the ship. Anyway, it was great.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the service provided and won't hesitate in contacting you, should we decide to travel agian to Indochina... and we have still so much to see. Please, transmit our congratulations to all the people involved.

Please, keep us up to date if you change your contact details.

And thank you very much for all the effort and patience you had when organising the trip.
Hope to see you again.
María Jesús Herrero & Fernando Herrera
Spain [Wednesday, Dec 21, 2005]


Hello Jiro!!!,

Sorry for not writing earlier, but here we are with our impressions and comments of our trip:

Cambodia: Everything was PERFECT, i must say that we had the best tour guide ever, so patient, so kind, and always aware of us.  he loves his country and is so proud of showing it to the tourist (amazing places),  him and the driver were great!!.  and also de hotel in Siem Reap, Empress Ankor Hotel, is so beautiful, good food too,  we enjoyed a lot our stay there.

Vietnam : Was a good tour guide and driver, but only sometimes we had to make him speak and tell us more things!!. the hotels in Hanoi and Halong Bay were good, specially hanoi, good food. unfortunately, the weather in those days was not the best but we still enjoyed it.

Greetings from Leon, Mexico
Gemma Lucia Ortega and Gema Quezada
Gemma Lucia Ortega & Gema Quezada
Leon, Mexico [ Wednesday, Dec 10, 2005 ]



Our travel was excellent and we thank you for all your efforts. We also wish to thank all guides and drivers because of their kind attitude and helps.

Other than that, we were very pleased with your services and your kind follow ups during our stay. Specially we wish to thank you for all your efforts in obtaining the Vietnam Visa. We will have more visits to that region and will be very pleased to work with you in the future.
Maryo Boeno (Turkey) [Friday, November 11, 2005 ]


How are you ? I hope everything is as fine with you as it is with me. We had a wonderful time in our Thailand and Cambodia trip.Everyone of us liked it very much, and all went well and according to the plan we made together.All the local guides were nice, especially Ms.Tip in Bangkok that did far most then she was supposed to do ( give her some works, if you can, she needs it! ).

If some friend of mine goes to your beatiful Thailand, be sure I will tell them about Jiro and Azure Travel... Thank you very much for everything, and good luck for you

Dr. Jose' Serrano (Turkey) [Friday, August 19, 2005 at 06:23]

The tour services is so professional. Just like an old friend, the guide here will introduce the splendid temples and delicious foods to you. You will sure enjoy your trip in Bangkok with the help of Jiro and Azure tour company.
Edward Liu (China) Friday, August 19, 2005 at 06:23 Host:


Dear Jiro,
We have now returned from our southeast Asia journey. The three day package to Cambodia that you arranged was excellent!! The guide and driver were very good, the accommodations were fine, the choices for restaurants was good and we enjoyed the entire experience.

We have three suggestions for you for future visitors. 1) Advance notice that two additional passport photos are required. 2) A full, clear page in the passport is required for the Cambodian visa. 3) The airport departure fees required in Bangkok and Siem Reap and in what currency. There was a problem with our return stay in Bangkok at the Montien Hotel---they had the wrong dates. It was eventually taken care of but we found them to be somewhat uncooperative.
Thank you for your fine service.

We will reccommend you to our friends visiting in the area.

Robert Monday, July 05, 2004 at 12:12 Host:


We enjoyed the private tour we had to Ayuthaya and River Kwai. We were glad that the guide did not bring us to shops and pressured to buy things as is common in a number of tours we have done. The only dissatisfaction we had was to being brought to the pier take the cruise too early. We had to wait around doing nothing for more than one and a half hour waiting for others to arrive. This time could have been spent seeing other places or spending more time at each place earlier.
Jiro was great, very helpful and accomodating. We would use this agency again in future tours to Thailand !

Thank you very much, Jiro

Ms. Low (Singapore) Thursday, June 10, 2004 at 19:51

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