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The land of Beauty, warm hospitality and good manners.., the land of fascinating, mist-shrouded mountain scenery and fertile valleys,.. the land of religion with more than a thousand Buddhist temples, and the land of Thai art and handicrafts.

There are some attractions you can find in Chiangmai, an old city of 700 years which still retains its natural charm and old culture. If you have a chance to visit this paradise on earth, you will understand why people call it " The Rose of The North ".

Chiang Mai, famous for its beauty and the gentle nature of its people. The charm of Thailand's Northern rose lives on forever.

Founded in 1296 AD by King Mangrai, Chiang Mai was for centuries the principal city of the Lanna Kingdom, or the Kingdom of a million rice fields. The city flourished as a major cultural, religious and trading center until it was invaded by the Burmese in 1556. It remained a vassal state of Burma until the invader was eventually expelled by the King of Siam in 1776. Thereafter the Lanna Kingdom became part of Siam, and is today the most important city of Northern Thailand.

Many reasons combine to make Chiang Mai an essential stop on your holiday itinerary. The warm hearted locals will assure you of a memorable experience as you visit the attractive destinations the city and province have to offer. Wonderful mountain scenery, colorful hilltribes, striking flora and spectacular waterfalls provide the perfect backdrop for an exploration of the regions long history, rich with age-old traditions and pristine culture.

CM-01 : Chiang Mai City & Temples Tours
[08:30 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 17:00]
Wat Chiang ManThis tour takes you on an unforgettable drive through many different parts of the city, passing markets, residential areas, foreign consulates and establishments, government buildings and Ta-Pae, Chiang Mai's main street. Visit four of the most important temples: Wat Chiang Man (AD 1297), the oldest temple within the city walls; Wat Chedi Luang (AD 1411), where the Emerald Buddha was once enshrined; Wat Phra Singh (AD 1345), housing a very sacred 1,500 year old Buddha image; and Wat Suan Dok (AD 1371), where the ashes of Chiangmai's Royal Family are interred.
CM-02 : Doi Suthep Temple
[08:30 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 17:00]

Doi Suthep TemplePick up and departure from hotel in Chiang mai, drive up to Doi Suthep mountain to visit Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. The temples located 15 kilometers from the city, 3520 feet above sea level and dates from 1383. The temple is approached by climbing a steep Naka staircase comprising more than 300 steps. (the less energetic may ascend by funicular cars). The temple's golden pagoda contains holy Buddha relics and attracts Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world through-out the year. The temple compound offers an exhilarating view of Chiang Mai town and surroundings the country side.

CM-03 : Borsang - Sankamphaeng Handicraft Villages
[08:30 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 17:00]

Embrella Painting at San KampaengChiang Mai is Thailand's main handicraft centre and is ringed by small cottage factories and workshops. On this tour a visit is made to the San Kamphaeng district, heart of the silk and cotton home industries, to witness the fascinating process of making and weaving these popular fabrics. Continue on the Bor Sang, the umbrella making village, where the delicate Thai paper umbrellas are produced and hand-painted. From here, onwards to Thai Celadon, about 6kms north of Chiang Mai, where exquisite ceramics are produced. These are modeled on the Sawankhalok pottery that used to be made hundreds of years ago at Sukhothai and exported all over the region. With its deep, cracked glazed finish the style is very distinctive and some pieces are exceptionally beautiful. Last but not least, are stops to observe the intricacies of both the lacquerware and silverware craftsmen.

CM-04 : Mesa Elephant Training Camp
[ 08:30 - 12:00 ]

Elephant at WorkA pleasant morning spent in the company of these magnificent gentle giants. In present day Thailand, elephants are only used as tremendously powerful beasts of burden but, in earlier times, they were a vital part of the King's army and played a very important role in Thai history. The tour , you will be witness to the traditional techniques still used in the training process. Wonder at the delicacy and preciseness of such gigantic creatures in action. For a small fee, the adventurous can also enjoy an short but unforgettable elephant ride! On the return journey to the hotel a stop is made at one of the region's orchid farms displaying a full variety of some of Thailand's exquisite blooms.

CM-05 : Cultural & Traditional of Budddhism
[06:00 - 08:00]

Arm's Giving MonkThis trip is a gentle way to see Chiang Mai Buddhist people life; Rise early before breakfast to take part in a daily Buddhist ceremony "Tak Bat" or merit making by giving food and other daily items to monks on their arms-rounds at the statue of Kruba Sri Vichai, the holy monk of Northern Thailand. Then visit the morning fresh market where you can find some requisites of life to the monks. Proceed to Wat Suan Dok, this temple was built in a 14th century and the large central stupa contain relic of the Lord Buddha. Several of the white stupa contain ashes of Chiang Mai's former royal family. Continue to merit making by giving requisites of life to monk and receiving blessings from him on this special time. Return to the hotel for your breakfast.

CM-06 : Chiang Mai Life Style
[08:30 - 12:00 / 13:00 - 16:30]

Boat along Mae Ping riverVisit a local farmhouse outskirts of Chiang Mai. Take a leisurely stroll around the grounds before cruising along the rural Mae Ping River by "Long-tail Boat" for 30 minutes. Softly moving along the river, you will see wooden houses and modern residences with colourful scenery and lifestyle of the local people.

Continue by walk to visit the largest central market called "Warorot Market" (Kad Luang) where you can buy local products at a reasonable price. Then take a "Samlor" [trishaw] ride along Thapae Road down though the Old City Walls and visit to "Wat Phra Singh", built by King Pha Yu to house the bones of his father King Kam Fu. The temple contains marvelous examples of Lanna art including a Lanna style viharn, "Viharn Lai Kham" and the finest small scripture repository of its type in the north.

CM-07 : Underground Ancient City by Bicycle ( Vieng Kum karm)
[08:30 - 12:00 / 13:00 - 16:30]

Chedi Liem PagodaWiang Kum Kam was a settlement long before King Mangrai's capital around 1287- 90. Frequent flooding caused Mangrai to move, but the place remained important throughout the Lanna period. The site was later buried under mud when the river changed course during the Burmese period. The area was restored as a historical park during the 1980's. Surrounded by paddy and village houses, the extensive site has a pleasant rural feel, yet it is very close to Chiang Mai.

The best way to see it is by bicycle. Continue on Kop Klang Road to visit Wat Sri Bun Ruang, the old viharn of this temple has been given a new roof and is brightly decorated. The result is an ornate and very colorful building that mixes the old and the new. Wat Kan Thom, located at the heart of Wiang Kum Kam. The temple contains the remains of former Wat Kan Thom as well as a spirit of King Mangrai. The temple has a Lanna style chedi and a finely decorated new viharn built in 1987. Wat Chedi Liem, the main feature of interest is the Haripunchai - style chedi built around 1286. It is a square stepped chedi with Buddha images in niches at each level. The chedi is a replica of the Mahapol Chedi at Wat Chamadevi in Lamphun.

CM-08 : Lamphun - Pasang
[08:30 - 12:00 / 13:00 - 16:30]

Hari Phunchai Pagoda, LamphunDrive through a corridor of beautiful Gum trees to the quiet old capital of the 7th century Haripunchai Empire. Lamphun, formerly Haripunchai, situated 30 Kms to the south of Chiang Mai, is amongst the oldest cities in Thailand and predates Chiang Mai by several centuries.

A glimpse of the past can be seen at the two most important temples, "Wat Phrathat Hariphunchai" where we can see the great pagoda which its top was placed with gold weighing approximately 6,498.75 grams, and "Wat Jarmmathewee" (the temple was named after the queen who first ruled the Hariphunchai Kingdom). Then drive on to visit the small town "Pasang" noted for Thailand's most beautiful women and most skillful in hand cotton weaving..

Chiang Mai Fullday Excursion Tours (with Lunch)
CM-07 : Elephant Safari - Ride elephant - Ox Cart riding - Bamboo Rafting
[08:30 - 16:30]
Visit the Jungle Raft Elephant Camp in Mae Taman first to see the show . You get a chance to the ride on the elephants crossing the Mae Tang river and up the hill. This last about 30-45 minutes. Then they return by oxcart to the elephant village where lunch will be served. Rafting adventure starts from here and last for 45 minutes along the Mae Tang river. On wards to the Orchid Farm, here there are many beautiful species of orchid.
CM-08 : Lisu Lodge Adventure - Biking - Elephant Ride - white Water Rafting
[08:30 - 16:30]

Departure out of town to Lisu Lodge. A guide will be on waiting to take visitors for 10 km of mountain biking through a small Thai village. Here you change the mode of transport to riding on elephants. And go upstream to an elephant camp. Lunch is picnic style by the river. Another change of mode of transport to a rubber boat and the true adventure begins downstream for 1½ hours. Arriving at an Akha Hill tribe village. To sample some Hill tribe hospitality. Tea will be served here. Mountain bikes will be waiting for the journey back to Lisu Lodge. Later transfer back to Chiangmai.

CM-09 : Doi Inthanon National Park
[08:30 - 17:30]

Doi InthanonA 60 km away from Chiang Mai is a popular destination for one-day excursion – Doi Inthanon National Park, the highest mountain in Thailand (2,565 meters). The park offers beautiful scenery, evergreen montane forests, dwarf rhododendron groves and many types of habitat. The area is also popular for bird-watching, being home to nearly 400 bird species, many from North Asia including mountain hawk eagles and Eurasian woodcocks. Other stop along the winding road include Karen hill tribe villages, Wachiratharn waterfall and the twin chedi built by Thai Airforce to commemorate King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit.

CM-10 : Chiang Rai - Chiang Saen - Mae Sai - Golden Triangle
[07:00 - 18:00]

Golden TriangleAn early morning drive through scenery from Chiang Mai by road along picturesque scenic routes pass the several beautiful northern mountains and valleys via the Hot Spring at Mae Ka Chan district and Chiang Rai to visit Akha and Yao hilltribe villages, explore the villages which are very simple, unique costumes, their own tradition and dialect. The trip continues to Mae Sai, the Thailand-Myanmar border and the northernmost point of Thailand. Enjoy shopping the Myanmar products at the local market, lunch served at a local restaurant.Then, visit the world famous "Golden Triangle" where the borders of three countries (Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar) are met. See the panoramic view of Mekong River and Opium Museum. Visit archeological remains at "Chiang Sean" city, the first capital city of the northern Thailand. Then, transfer back to Chiang Mai.

CM-11 : Sleepy Town of Thaton with Long Necked Village
[08:00 - 18:00]

Long Necked TribalStart your full day excursion to sleeping town of Thaton, north of Chiang Mai. On the way made a stop at Chiang Dao Cave, then drive on to Thaton, visit Thaton temple where you can be seen a panoramic view of the village, Lunch at local restaurant on the bank of Mae Kok River.

After lunch, continue to the north, approximately 30 minutes to visit the village of Long Neck Karen or Padong, the beauty of women is their long neck. Padong is originated from Shan state, The Union of Myanmar. Also visit Lahu Shi Balah or yellow Lahu, the smallest group of Lahu found in Thailand. Women of this tribe have large ear loops. They are originated from Tibet, China and Akha tribe, the most beautiful women's head wares, decorated with assorted coins, shells, beats feathers and animals for Akha is originated in Kwang Jao and Yunan China. Return to Chiang Mai in the late afternoon.

CM-12 : Lampang - Lamphun Excursion
[08:30 - 17:00]

Lam PangLeave Chiang Mai along the mountainous highway to Lampang (90 Kms. away). On the way shot stop at Local market where you could see wild animals meats. Drive on to visit Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang, one of the northern finest temples and the best presentation of Lanna style architecture. Continue to Lampang, a unique town that still uses a colorful horse carriage as a mean of today's transport. Then take a Horse drawn carriage around the city center, visit Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao, where the famous Emerald Buddha was enshrined for 32 years (from A.D. 1436 to 1468). Lunch is provided at a local restaurant. Returning to Chiang Mai, branch off the highway into Lamphun, with its history dating back to A.D. 700, and its ancient and revered temple: Wat Phrathat Haripunchai, and Wat Chamadevi.

CM-13 : Hilltribes Experience Tours
[08:30 - 16:30]

Meo HilltribeDrive through beautiful scenery north of Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao, Approximately 80 Kms, visit Lisu hilltribe village, the colorful costume was originated in Tibet. Continue by walk to Karen hilltribe village, they are peaces loving warriors, very industrious and faithful people. Lunch on this tour is served picnic style. Back to Lisu hilltribe village again, then visit Akha hilltribe village, the most beautiful women' s head wares, decorated with assorted coins, shell, beats feathers and animals' s fur. Drive to Lahu hilltribe village, they are originated in Tibet and China, very expert to hunting. Then visit Palong hilltribe village, one of the most beautiful costume tribe, coming from Myanmar. Transfer back to hotel late afternoon. [The Hilltribe Museum is close on Saturday and Sunday, visit instead of Chiang Dao Cave.]

CM-14 : Mae Hongson by Flight
[08:30 - 18:00]
Mae hongson TownTours start by transfer to Chiang Mai airport for flight to Mae Hong Son Son. Upon arrival Mae Hong Son, car drive into the countryside which can negotiate the narrow roads. A ride through the jungle will bring you to one of the most colorful Hilltribe villages, home to the Long Necked Karens. The women wear numerous brass coils round their necks and legs, making them look ‘stretched’ – their photographs have graced explorer journals worldwide. The coils are considered beautiful and four years old. By long-tailed speed boat back to town for lunch at a local restaurant. Then drive further to visit Wat Phra Dhat Doi Kongmoo on the mountain top with breathtaking views of this sleepy town. If time permitted, visit to the Burmese-style temples of Wat Jong Kam and Wat Jong Klang which located next to a large pond in the southern part of town. Back to Chiang Mai in the late afternoon flight.

Noted: Travel to Mae Hongson is subject to weather condition – flight visibility.
CM-15 : Khantoke Dinner with Cutural & hilltribe shows
[08:30 - 16:30]

Khantoke DinnerEnjoy Khantoke dinner, which is the traditional northern Thai (Lanna) form of dining. The food is served on a wooden pedestal tray, called "Khantoke". The diners sit on the floor around the Khantoke, supported by triangular cushions. The dishes are all northern Thai delicacies. While guest enjoy the meal there are usually performances of traditional northern Thai (Lanna) dances and music (e.g. Fingernail dance, sward dance, candle dance, Ramwong dance and Firework displays). Additionally, there are also hill tribe shows, which are performed by Akha, Lahu, Lisu, Yao, Meo, and Karen hill tribes.

CM-16 : Fullday Adventure with White water Rafting
[08:30 - 16:30]

Exciting of Whitewater RaftingItineraries propose several sporting activities accessible for everyone. Transportation is by air-conditioned van.

Morning, we'll pick you up at your hotel in Chiangmai and drive up the Northern route to Mae Teang area. At the elephants camp, have a fun-filled activity of elephant riding through the jungle along the riverside. Then continue by mountain biking from the local village through dirt road and beautiful forest about 10 kms. [up to you] to our camp. Lunch and a short break, then our staff will brief you about instruction on paddling and river safety to prepare you and your friends for the upcoming excitement, then you are off to the longest and best rafting trip on the Mae Teang river.

After some recreation and refresh yourself at the finish point, take a 1.30 hrs. drive back to your hotel